Patient Results

  • Vertigo has been a part of my daily life for the past 12 years. After one session I felt wonderful and was no longer experiencing any vertigo!
    *Happy Dance*


  • My pain is almost nonexistent after only a couple of sessions. I feel a lot better after coming here.


  • Lindsay did a phenomenal job on fixing/working on my TMJ. Before I came here I had much doubt that my problems would be fixed, and she proved me wrong. She is a terrific physical therapist and I owe her a great deal for helping me with my problems. I would recommend her expertise to anyone who might need it.


  • My bladder control has improved significantly, especially in terms of controlling urges. I am now completely off the medication and I am experiencing less leakage than I did before therapy when I was still on the medication. Success!


  • “I have found that since I started Physical Therapy a few large muscle groups were found to be turned “off” causing other muscles to compensate and become overused very easily. Today these muscle groups have since been turned “on” allowing all muscle groups to work together. I can now perform daily activities without getting hurt, or feeling hurt at the end of the day.”


  • “I came to therapy thinking I may need surgery for my back. After just a few weeks I am now graduating therapy with almost no pain. I feel much better and have learned many valuable things to help me continue to be pain free. Thank you so much!”


  • “ Thank you for the support and care! I feel wonderful, and look forward to a thorough recovery due to my therapy at Willow PT.”


  • Since working with Willow, I have gained so much of my life back. At first I didn’t believe it was going to work, but I stuck with it because it was my only hope. Now I can eat normally, talk, teach, work and laugh again without pain. I went from 15mm to 50mm. So happy with my results…


  • “Through the few weeks that I was here, I received the care I needed to enable me to carry on with daily life, so that I would not have to be limited by pain. On a side note, I would gladly recommend this recovery center to anyone who seeks any physical help to relieve their symptoms and themselves of any pain.”